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The Minnesota Crop Improvement Association (MCIA) provides services that enhance the value and improve the marketability of agricultural products. MCIA is the state of Minnesota's officially designated certification authority for seed and for noxious weed-free forage and mulch. MCIA’s Foundation Seed Services provides access to crop varieties developed at the University of Minnesota and other public plant breeding programs.


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Quality Assurance and
Service Second to None


MCIA is dedicated to improving the productivity, profitability, and competitive position of agricultural producers, processors and distributors of agricultural products. Our customer focused team is here to understand your unique business and guide your operation through every phase of quality assurance, which ultimately helps you approach the local and global marketplace with certified, high-quality products.


MCIA’s goal is to provide respected, efficient, and effective services in response to the latest research, certification, regulation, and production trends that affect your operations. Our programs and service second to none continuously evolve to support improvements to agricultural diversity, productivity, and sustainability.

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