Approved Facility Program



What is the Approved Facility Program?

MCIA’s Approved Facility Program provides an evaluation and approval process for facilities processing seed and identity-preserved (IP) grain products. Facilities processing and/or handling products sold under the seed certification, QA seed, and IP grain programs must be inspected and approved by MCIA staff.


How is a facility approved?

To be approved, facilities must meet equipment and labeling requirements appropriate for the seed or grain to be processed. Approval is granted on an annual basis for conditioning, handling, and labeling specific seed types, or for processing grain products for specified end uses.


Why use an approved facility?

Approved facilities are inspected annually to determine their ongoing conformance to requirements necessary to preserve product identity and quality and to assure proper labeling.


What should I look for?

Approved facilities are issued Certificates of Approval annually that are to be prominently posted in their place of business. MCIA also provides Approved Facility signs.





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