Approved Facility Program


MCIA's Approved Facility program provides an assessment and approval process for facilities processing and selling seed and identity-preserved grain products. Facilities processing and/or handling products sold under the seed certification, QA seed and IP grain programs must be inspected and approved by MCIA. MCIA offers an inspection and approval program for the following types of facilities:

• Seed Conditioners
• Bulk Seed Handlers
• Mn/DOT Seed Vendors
• Identity-Preserved Grain Processors and Handlers


To be approved, facilities must meet facility requirements appropriate for the product type to be processed and the type of processing to be performed. Facilities must:

• Possess and demonstrate the ability to operate the equipment necessary for
   the product being processed.
• Meet structural requirements necessary to preserve the product identity and
• Utilize record keeping systems that meet certification and regulatory

Approval is granted on an annual basis and may be granted for conditioning all crops, for conditioning specific crops, or for specified conditioning activities. Approved seed conditioning facilities can designate personnel to perform official sampling and certification labeling activities required in the seed certification process. Approved facilities are inspected on a regular basis to determine on-going conformance to requirements.



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