Are you eligible to buy Foundation Seed?

Foundation seed can be purchased by MCIA members in good standing who have successfully completed seed certification in at least one of the previous three years. To complete certification, a grower's field must pass field inspection and the conditioned seed produced must be tested and meet final certification standards.  Notice of availability of Foundation seed and ordering information is mailed to eligible growers each year.

  • Registered grower status is attained by successfully completing certification 5 of the past 8 years and one of the past 3 years. Registered growers are eligible to receive Foundation seed of new varieties; they have priority in county seed distribution.

  • Approved grower status is attained by producing and certifying seed grown from Registered seed of a previously-released variety. To become an approved grower a member must successfully complete certification 1 of the past 3 years. Approved growers can purchase Foundation seed of previously released varieties. They also are eligible to be allotted Registered seed of new varieties.

  • Registered and approved grower status will be lost if a member does not successfully complete certification in at least 1 of the previous 3 years. Certification must be completed in Minnesota for a member to receive credit towards their record.


  • Growers who produce seed only under a contract arrangement with another group, individual or company and do not apply for certification in their own name are not credited with a record of certification.

  • Growers who apply for field inspection in their name and sell the seed produced to an approved conditioning plant receive credit toward their record of certification when the seed is properly transferred and certification of that seed is completed at MCIA.


Cancellation Policy

If all or part of an Foundation seed order is canceled, 25% of the payment for the canceled order will be forfeited unless an alternate customer is found for the seed or the amount canceled is substituted by an equal amount of another variety of the same crop. New varieties cannot be used to substitute for canceled orders.

Resale and Transfer

Resale or transfer of ownership of Foundation seed is prohibited without prior approval of MCIA.



For more information contact:

Roger Wippler
Manager, Foundation Seed Services