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1900 Hendon Ave
Saint Paul MN 55108

1-800-510-MCIA (toll-free main office)
  612-625-7766 (main office)
  1-855-213-4461 (toll-free Organic Services)
  612-626-6305 (Organic Services)
Fax: 612-625-3748

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President and Chief Executive Officer Fawad S. Shah, Ph.D.


Administrative/Program Services

General Manager Cindy Wippler
Documentation Specialist Alan Makinen
Administrative Assistant Rose-Marie Odell


Certification Services

Certification Specialist Jody Prudhomme
(annual crop seeds, forage & mulch)


Seed Laboratory Services

Manager Chase Mowry
Seed Technologist Sam Banks


Organic Services

Manager Michelle Menken
Organic Certification Specialist/Inspector Diane Collins
Organic Certification Specialist/Inspector Karen Gjelhaug
Organic Certification Specialist/Inspector Wendy Paulsen
Organic Certification Specialist/Inspector Susan Stewart


Foundation Seed Services

Manager Roger Wippler
Foundation Seed Production Coordinator Anthony Schumacher  


Field Services

Field Supervisor Seth Dagoberg 
34192 Echo Dr
Richville MN 56576
Phone: 218-556-3170

Field Supervisor Kris Folland
4269 180th St
Halma MN 56729
Phone: 218-265-2614
Cellular: 218-791-2156

Field Supervisor Eli Gindele
1400 Montrose Blvd
Buffalo MN 55313
Phone: 715-600-4802