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MCIA 's experienced field inspection team inspects 200,000 to 250,000 acres of seed, grain, forage, straw and sod production each year. Seed crop inspections include soybeans, small grains, corn, turf grass seed and numerous other crop kinds plus nearly 100 different native species.

MCIA's field inspection services are unique in their ability to focus on varietal purity attributes of crops. MCIA has the capability of delivering consistent inspection services statewide and even beyond the state's borders through its partnerships with other AOSCA agencies. Seed companies large and small utilize MCIA's field inspection services as a cost effective means to manage risk and meet their quality goals.

MCIA’s Liberty Link® Soybean Program is designed to assist licensees in meeting Bayer license  agreement requirements for Liberty Link® soybean seed production.  The spray and inspection records will provide valuable documentation for meeting seed production requirements.

MCIA’s Roundup Ready® Soybean Program is designed to augment your quality control program for  Roundup Ready® soybean seed production.  The spray and inspection records provided through this program are valuable documentation that you are meeting seed production requirements.


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Contact MCIA. We will meet with you to discuss your specific needs and design a field inspection program appropriate for your operation.



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