Foundation Seed



What is Foundation Seed?

Foundation seed is the initial generation of seed in the seed certification program. Foundation seed of crop varieties is planted by seed growers to produce Registered and Certified class seed.


How is Foundation Seed produced?

MCIA’s Foundation Seed Services operates under an agreement with the University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station to increase, maintain, and distribute Foundation seed of new and established, publicly developed varieties. MCIA cooperates closely with the University of Minnesota plant breeding programs in soybeans, wheat, barley, oats, and grasses. MCIA also cooperates with similar organizations in neighboring states to supply varieties developed by other public plant breeding programs.


Who is eligible to purchase Foundation Seed?

Foundation seed is available to MCIA members who have previous history producing seed in the certification program. Eligible producers are notified of varieties available and procedures for ordering seed.


What should I look for?

A Foundation Seed certification label must be attached to each container. For seed sold in bulk, a Bulk Sales Certificate must accompany each load of seed.




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For more information contact:

Roger Wippler, Manager
Foundation Seed Services