How to become an

Approved Mn/DOT Seed Vendor


The steps for achieving approval include:

  1. Submit an application for membership to MCIA (if not already a member).
  2. Complete a Seed Vendor Agreement, indicating the types of mixes you wish to be approved to make and/or sell and the personnel assigned to key tasks.
  3. Review the MCIA Approved Seed Conditioner Requirements.  Discuss requirements with your field supervisor if you have any questions.
  4. Prepare for the inspection by making modifications as necessary to meet requirements.
  5. Submit the completed Seed Vendor Agreement to MCIA.
  6. MCIA shall inspect the facility to determine conformance to requirements.
  7. Facilities meeting requirements will receive a certificate from MCIA to display in the place of business.
  8. Approval is granted on an annual basis.  An annual inspection is required.



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