How to Certify


The certification process consists of several steps through which MCIA verifies that seed production meets the standards requirements. Steps include seed source verification, inspection of seed production sites and seed testing. MCIA issues certification documents (seed labels or certificates) to producers whose production has met all certification requirements. Source-identified seed may be harvested from native stands or from fields established with seed that was originally collected from a native stand.

The steps for producing certified seed from artificially established fields include:

  1. Submit an application for membership to MCIA (if not already a member).
  2. Obtain parent seed by collecting seed from a native stand or purchasing eligible seed.
  3. Plant eligible seed stock in fields meeting the certification land requirements for the species being grown.
  4. Apply for field inspection supplying proof of seed planted and location of the field.
  5. MCIA shall inspect the field to determine the field's conformance to standards for identity, isolation, and freedom from noxious weeds and other undesirable plant species.
  6. Condition seed or take seed to an MCIA approved facility for conditioning.
  7. Submit a representative sample from each conditioned seed lots for germination and purity to determine conformance to seed law requirements and to permit accurate labeling.
  8. Certification labels or certificates are issued by MCIA for eligible seed lots.
  9. To complete certification, attach a certification label to each container or issue a certification certificate to each seed buyer.

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