How to Certify


The basic steps for producing quality assured sod include:
  1. Apply for membership to MCIA and the Minnesota Turf Association (if not already a member).
  2. Review program standards, instructions and forms.
  3. Purchase an eligible seed mix from a seed supplier approved as a sod seed vendor for this program (see list of approved sod seed vendors).
  4. Plant seed in fields meeting the land requirements for the sod type being grown.
  5. Apply for field inspection supplying proof of seed planted and location of the field.
  6. MCIA shall inspect the field to determine the field's conformance to standards for presence of required turf species, isolation, and freedom from weeds and other objectionable species.
  7. Obtain a sod certificate for each sod shipment.
  8. Provide a sod quality assurance certificate to the buyer for each load of quality assured sod delivered.

Client Forms/ResourcesClick here for forms,
standards, and fee schedules