Identity Preserved Grain Certification


Identity Preserved (IP) is the term used when maintaining a product's specific traits or characteristics from the point of production to its end use.  MCIA provides services to producers, processors and marketers of identity preserved products to help them develop and implement effective identity-preserved systems. MCIA is a member of the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA). AOSCA has developed standards for handling IP grain that form the basis of MCIA's IP services. You can choose one of our existing AOSCA approved IP programs or we can assist you in the development of a program customized to meet your needs. Products certified through AOSCA IP Programs are eligible to be labeled with AOSCA's internationally recognized IP logo.

MCIA acts as an unbiased third-party to monitor and evaluate IP systems. System checks can include seed source verification, planting record reviews, field inspections, harvest record reviews, storage, handling and processing facility inspections, product transportation monitoring, final product testing, and label verification.  For companies with IP systems already in place, MCIA offers process verification services through documented on-site audits and inspections that provide assurance to buyers that IP protocols are being followed.  We provide on-farm field and storage site inspection services to verify that growers are following production practices required by the production system.




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