Identity Preserved Grain Certification



Identity Preserved (IP) refers to the maintenance of a product’s specific traits or characteristics through growing, production, and marketing channels.


The purpose of AOSCA’s IP certification program is to assist in preserving the genetic and/or physical identity of a product. In order to use the IP logo, these specific minimum requirements must be met.


MCIA can help you set up a customized quality IP system, audit your current system, or provide certification of your products. MCIA is a member of the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA). AOSCA has developed standards for handling IP grain that form the basis of MCIA’s IP services. You can choose one of our existing AOSCA approved IP programs or we can assist you in the development of a program customized to meet your needs.


MCIA staff are also trained in HACCP standards and can assist in adding Food Safety protocols to your system. Several AOSCA IP programs have been specifically developed to address transgenic crops and these provide a “systems approach” to assure that products meet tolerance levels for genetic material derived from biotechnology.


Products certified through AOSCA IP Programs are eligible to be labeled with AOSCA’s internationally recognized IP logo. MCIA acts as an unbiased third party to monitor and evaluate IP systems.


Customized IP services include:

  • Seed source verification (kind and purity)
  • Planting record reviews
  • Field inspections
  • Harvest record reviews
  • Storage, handling, and processing facility inspections
  • Product transportation monitoring
  • HACCP food safety monitoring
  • Final product testing
  • Label verification





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