MCIA Responsibilities

In the role of marketing agent, MCIA utilizes its relationship with the University of Minnesota Plant Breeding programs and its many contacts in agribusiness and the seed industry to identify marketing opportunities for new varieties. Minnesota has breeding programs in turf and forage grasses, wheat, oats, barley, soybeans and wild rice.

Upon selection of a new variety for release, MCIA works closely with the CFANS faculty and staff to identify possible uses and determine the best method for licensing those plant materials. MCIA contacts potential licensees to determine their interest and cooperates with them if there is a need for additional agronomic or product evaluation. As the marketing agent, MCIA negotiates the terms of license agreements. The University of Minnesota retains ownership of all licensed varieties.

The overall goal of MCIA's Variety Licensing program is to get the products of CFANS' research into the hands of individuals and companies that can best utilize the newly developed technologies. MCIA is the connection between CFANS and agribusiness providing maximum benefit to the University, Minnesota agriculture and the world.


For more information contact:

Roger Wippler
Manager, Foundation Seed Services