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The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has established specifications for seed, sod and mulch materials used for revegetation on MnDOT construction projects. MnDOT utilizes MCIA certification and quality assurance services to verify that seed, mulch and sod products supplied to MnDOT projects meet specifications.


MnDOT Seed Vendor Program

Seed providers who wish to supply seed for MnDOT projects must be Approved MnDOT Seed Vendors.  Approved MnDOT Seed Vendors are inspected annually and must meet requirements to ensure that seed labeled for use on MnDOT projects meets seed specifications. MCIA administers the MnDOT Seed Vendor Program under the direction of MnDOT.


Noxious Weed Seed–Free Forage amd Mulch Program

MnDOT Type 3 mulch is clean grain straw certified by MCIA to be free of noxious weed seed as specified under the MCIA Noxious Weed Seed-Free Forage & Mulch program. MCIA provides a list of mulch producers who have product that meets the requirements of the program.


Sod Quality Assurance Program

The Sod Quality Assurance Program provides verification of the quality of sod used on MnDOT construction projects. Currently, salt tolerant sod designated MNST-12 is specified for use along boulevards or other high salt environments.




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