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Common Oxeye 2 - 7-04Native plants are often used for re-vegetation of roadsides, construction site restorations, wildlife plantings and other projects where a permanent cover is to be established. In Minnesota, certified seed is often required by government agencies for highway roadside re-vegetation projects to ensure that the seed used is adapted to Minnesota's harsh climatic conditions. MCIA's native seed certification program is intended to provide seed buyers with assurance that the proper identity (source) of native grasses and forbs (wildflowers) has been maintained through all phases of seed production.

This program was developed to certify pre-variety germplasm that has not been released as a variety. Three different germplasm types are possible based on the amount of intentional selection that has taken place. They are:

  • Source Identified - material is marked with a yellow tag. The location where the material was originally collected from native stands (source) is indicated on the certification label.
  • Selected - material is marked with a green tag. Selected class seed is the progeny of phenotypically selected plants with traits or parentage that has promise but no proof of inheritance.
  • Tested - material is marked with a blue tag and is the progeny of plants whose parentage has been tested and proven to possess distinctive traits for which the inheritance is stable but for which a variety has not been named or released.

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