New Varieties



Each year, MCIA, in cooperation with the University of Minnesota and other universities, makes newly released varieties available. Below is a summary of varieties released in recent years.


  • 2018: Lang-MN hard red spring wheat
  • 2016: Shelly hard red spring wheat
  • 2015: Bolles hard red spring wheat, Elgin-ND hard red spring wheat, and MN0808CN soybean
  • 2014: Linkert and Forefront hard red spring wheat, Deon oats and MN0083 soybean
  • 2013: Norden hard red spring wheat and Horsepower oats
  • 2012: Rollag and Prosper hard red spring wheat and MN0095 soybean
  • 2011: Badger oats, Barlow hard red spring wheat, Quest barley and MN1701CN soybean
  • 2010: Sabin and Brick hard red spring wheat, Colt and Streaker oats, and MN1701CN soybean
  • 2009: Tom hard red spring wheat, Rasmusson barley and MN0105 soybean



For more information contact:

Roger Wippler, Manager
Foundation Seed Services