Noxious Weed Seed-Free Forage and Mulch Certification


HayBale2The invasion of noxious weeds onto private and public lands causes substantial economic loss and ecological damage. Common sources for the introduction and spread of weed seed include the purchase, transportation, and utilization of contaminated forages and other plant materials.

This certification program is designed to assure that forage (hay, cubes, and pellets) and mulch sold with proper certification identification meets minimum standards designed to limit the spread of noxious weeds. Buyers are provided assurance that forage and mulch certified through this program meets certification standards. In Minnesota, certified mulch is often required by government agencies for highway roadside revegetation and other projects to avoid the introduction of noxious weeds. Most public lands in the western United States require that hay transported into these areas be certified noxious weed-free.

MCIA has been designated under the Minnesota Noxious Weed Law as the official Noxious Weed Free Forage and Mulch Certification Agency in Minnesota. MCIA standards conform to the North American Weed Free Forage Program standards developed by the North American Invasive Weed Management Association (NAISMA). NAISMA standards allow uniform participation by states and provinces participating in the program. Forage and mulch certified by MCIA, with proper certification markings attached, is eligible for shipment into restricted areas in the United States and Canada where only forage and mulch certified under the North American Weed Free Forage Program can be used.


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