Seed Certification


Certified Seed r5-220pixelsSeed certification is an internationally recognized system to preserve the genetic identity and purity of crop seed varieties. In the ordinary distribution of commercial seed, the buyer must accept the information on the label as to variety and source. In contrast, the variety and origin of certified seed has been verified by the certification agency and can be traced back to the producer through the information on the label. Field inspection of the growing crop, sampling, laboratory analysis and proper labeling of seed produced by careful, conscientious growers are requirements for certification. Seed certification procedures provide the best possible assurance of good quality seed of known identity and purity.

In the U.S., the seed certification system and the authority for performing seed certification is based in Federal and state law. MCIA is recognized as the official seed certifying agency in Minnesota. MCIA is a member of the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA) which establishes minimum seed certification standards that are used throughout the United States. MCIA also can certify seed to OECD standards enabling Minnesota seed producers to access international markets requiring OECD certified seed.


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