Seed Quality Assurance Services


MCIA has provided seed quality assurance through its seed certification program for many decades. Now MCIA has expanded its service offerings to allow seed producers of all crop types to utilize unbiased third party inspection and on-site evaluations customized for their operation. Quality assurance services can be purchased individually to support a client's own quality management system or can be obtained as a package of services to support a customized quality management system. All services can be tailored to meet specific product or client needs to ensure the most effective use of resources.

Producers may choose to utilize the AOSCA Quality Assurance (QA) program to access a complete service for seed merchandised as varieties, hybrids, brands or blends. QA program guidelines are very similar to certification guidelines and enable the seed producer to market seed with assurance to each customer that the seed is of known purity and quality as verified by an unbiased third-party agency. Seed meeting all requirements is eligible to be labeled with the AOSCA QA logo which can be utilized in a marketing program to identify seed produced under a sound quality management system.

MCIA's seed quality assurance services include:

  • Professional and unbiased custom designed field inspections.
  • On-site evaluations and audits of seed production, conditioning and treatment facilities.
  • Third party record system documentation for use in meeting state and federal seed law requirements and assessing royalties or research fees.
  • Third party assurance to seed buyers that seed has met defined seed standards.

How to Particiapte


Contact MCIA. We will work with you to identify your specific seed quality assurance needs and put together a program customized for your operation.

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